Michelin stars are ratings that are used to determine the quality of a restaurant’s meal and services in line with the Michelin Guide. Originally developed by the French tire company, Michelin, in 1900 to showcase where local amenities are for easy access by French drivers, the first star was introduced in 1926, while the second and third stars were introduced in 1933. Through the Michelin Guide, many anonymous restaurants gained fame and notice that not only boost their profits but also introduces them to a wider audience in the food industry.

Today, many restaurants aim to achieve the Michelin Star rating as it has become synonymous with fine dining and quality culinary output. The stars are not easy to come by, and the ratings are often done anonymously to prevent chefs and restaurants from putting on a show. Travel agencies’ reviews, however, shows that tourists and guests are more likely to prefer, seek out and dine at Michelin rated restaurants in any city as it gives them confidence in the food and services of such. The guides cover 23 countries and several large cities across Europe, North America, and other parts of the world.

Restaurants are rated in the Michelin Guide with rated One, Two or Three Stars. A One-Star restaurant is rated good, but with certain limitations which might not impair the quality of the food. A Two-Star restaurant means excellent cuisine and quality delivery, but a Three-Star restaurant offers an exceptional menu, excellent delivery and worthy of special visits. In Europe, we will examine the restaurants that have been rated by Michelin, compiled from BritainReviews and other review sites.

In the United Kingdom, there are 5 Three-Star restaurants rated by Michelin, some of which are 

  • Restaurant Gordon Ramsey, located in London and specializing in French cuisine;
  • Fat Duck, located in Bray and specializing in Creative menu;
  • Sketch, located in London and offering Modern French meals;
  • Waterside Inn, located in Bray and offering Classic French cuisines and
  • Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester, located in London and offering French cuisine.

Some other restaurants are

  • Green Island restaurant, situated in green Island and specializing inMediterranean Cuisine and is adjudged a ‘simple restaurant’.
  • Another restaurant is the Bohemian which offers Modern Cuisine and is located in St Helier. The Bohemian is rated One-Star, as a very comfortable restaurant.
  • The Longueville Manor is located in St Savior and rated as a ‘very comfortable restaurant’ and ‘one of their most delightful places’ visited by Michelin. This restaurant is rated Three-Stars.

In France, there are only two restaurants awarded with Three-Stars. They are

  • Arpege, located in Paris with the meal types designated as ‘Creative’. This is also     awarded a Michelin Green Star for its gastronomy and sustainability properties.
  • Kei, located in Paris, offers Modern Cuisine.

Some other restaurants rated by Michelin in France are

  • Stella d’Oro, located in Bonifacio, rated as a comfortable restaurant with good cooking. The restaurant specializes in Corsican.
  • La Table de la Ferme is located in Murtoli and specializes in Corsican. It is rated with One Michelin Star.
  • Takao Takano, located in Lyon and offering creative cuisine to the public, is a Two-Star Michelin restaurant.

In Austria, there is only one restaurant awarded with Three-Stars. It is the Amador, located in Vienna and categorized as serving Creative meals.

In Germany, there are also restaurants awarded with Three-Stars. They are

  • Victor’s Fine Dining by Christian Bau, located in Perl-Nneng and serving Creative Cuisine; Aqua, located in Wolfsburg and also offering Creative Cuisine; and
  • Restaurant Uberfahrt Christian Jurgens, located in Rottach-Egern with meals categorized as creative;
  • Gasthaus Klaus Erfort, located in Saarbrucken and offering Classic French cuisine;
  • Rutz, located in Berlin and offering Modern Cuisine;
  • Restaurant Bareiss, located in Baiersbronn and offering Classic French Cuisine;
  • The Table Kevin Fehlin, located in Hamburg and offering Creative Meals; Atelier, located in Munich and offering Creative French Cuisine; and Waldhotel Sonnora, located in Dreis and offering Classic French.

This article would turn into an encyclopaedia if we attempted to catalogue all the restaurants in Europe and their Michelin Stars. We have therefore chosen five top European destinations to highlight their Three Star Michelin restaurants, and some additional details. We hope this information serves you on your next trip to any of these countries.