7 Romantic Vacation Destinations For Couples

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So you want a romantic getaway with your love, and you are stuck as to where to go? First, congratulations are in order. Love is a beautiful thing and should be cherished. It is why the place you choose to go for that vacation must be one to remember.

Check out US-Reviews for the reviews of vacation resorts in the US you might want to use. You should also check for romantic all-inclusive vacation trip reviews. So here are 7 of the most romantic places to strengthen the flame of love;

1.  Lion Sands Game Reserve in South Africa

At this reserve, you get to play in a treehouse with your partner—consider it a romance in the wild, in stunning treehouses. That aside, luxurious bedrooms are elevated on platforms for guests to sleep under the stars and dine while surrounded by nature at its wildest.

2.  Beach dinner in Zanzibar

Imagine you and your partner feasting on sumptuous seafood at a private table for two on a beach floating in the Indian Ocean. Can you imagine how beautiful that can be? Well, you can live it in Zanzibar, beyond Mnemba Island. You get to walk around the sea, barefoot if you fancy that, with the sea wind tugging at you and the waves inviting you to enjoy their show. It is fabulous and perfect for a romantic getaway.

3.  L’Albereta in Italy

Apart from France, Italy is the city of love and fun. This is a sentiment that is further proven at L’Albereta in Italy. It is a 9th-century country villa near Lake Iseo, with a retractable roof that opens up to the sky, so you can view how beautiful the night sky is whenever you want to. The customer service at this villa is also top-notch, almost poetic. Do you know those love poems that fill our fantasies? Well, you can live here with your partner.

4.  Sal Salis in Australia

Are you looking for a romantic getaway? Then going glamping in Sal Salis is a great idea. In the Cape Range National Park near the Ningaloo Reef, Sal Salis offers lovers the romantic task of glamping, snorkeling, delicious local food, and some fabulous wilderness experiences for the adventurous spirit. The beds are handmade, and the bathroom situation is outstanding.

5.  Road Hikaya in Morocco

Staying in a Moroccan riad can be incredibly sexy and romantic. Marrakech in Road Hikaya brings this to life with its timeless and flawless handcrafted furnishings, jewel-toned fabrics, its copper bathtub, and magnificent pool. A couple will fall in love over again.

6.  The Yeatman hotel in Porto

Porto is a beautiful Portuguese city, perhaps one of its most beautiful cities, and the Yeatman hotel situated there further makes it a city that lovers must visit. It has a Michelin-starred cuisine and a fabulous Caudalie Vinotherapie Spa, alongside elegant wine-themed rooms with magnificent baths, revolving beds, and private terraces that overlook the Duoro river. It is one experience that would not … Read More...

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Travel Destinations For Couples

Travel Destination
Asia is the ultimate travel “destination”. We tell you about popular vacation spots, exciting weekend getaways, romantic honeymoon destinations, and tourist spots for family vacations. The south and west are most popular, but a visit to the Northeast can provide beautiful winter vacation spots. Samui is a beautiful tropical island which is located off the east coast of Thailand.

This popular island is in fact the largest island in Thailand and Phuket has many attractions to offer its visitors. From Hawaii to Mexico, there are many winter vacation destinations awaiting you. Believe it or not, Turkey is a popular travel destination for millions of people annually.

Pattaya is the beach resort area which is closest located to Bangkok which is why many local Bangkok residents visit Pattaya during weekends. A vacation to one of the top 10 travel destinations, Austria, would not be complete without a skiing adventure. Its largest lake is the 386,400km² (149,200 square miles) the Caspian Sea, which is surrounded by several Central Asian nations.

Although Bangkok has a bad reputation due to the bad traffic problems and the air pollution, Bangkok is definitely one destination where every traveler should spend a few days during their vacation in Thailand. There are a lot of destinations right now that are not too expensive but have a wide array of travel and tour packages.

A Great Travel Destination

Travel Destination
Destination tips serve as a guide for a luxury vacation. Tourists can choose to visit the North of Thailand which has beautiful mountains, magnificent flora and fauna and unique hill tribes. Thailand has something to offer to all travelers which is why Thailand is such as ideal tourist destination. Those travelers that have a preference for a nice relaxing beach holiday can choose to stay at one of the popular Thai travel destinations such as Phuket, Pattaya, Hua Hin or Koh Samui.

The United Kingdom is among the top 10 travel destinations because this country is steeped in historical significance. Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand and nearly all travelers going to Thailand will pass through this popular Thai travel destination. If you need help in deciding where in Thailand you should spend your vacation then be sure to consider the following 5 most popular travel destinations in Thailand.

Spectacularly different culturally from the Americas, China offers a wealth of sites and activities such as the Great Wall and the Forbidden City. If you are looking for a resort area on Samui which offers plenty of activities and plenty of nightlife venues then be sure to book a hotel or resort in Chaweng beach.


It is easy for those living in the Midwest to feel as though there aren’t many options when it comes to traveling close to home. Indian tourism information and travel guide on India tours, vacation spots and travel destinations in India. Bangkok has many great attractions such as beautiful Buddhist temples, a variety of spectacular shopping malls and unique activities such as the floating market.… Read More...

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